Health Consulting & Medical Research Services

What clients are saying:

“…in awe of her knowledge and good sense.

“Your last resort that should have been your first.”

“…provided the expert guidance and much welcome understanding and support that actually put my daughter on a path to gaining her life back.”

“… she has a unique gift of being able to understand an ailment from a deeper level and perspective.”

First Phone Consult

The first phone appointment is usually 1.5 hours.

In advance of the appointment, you’ll provide medical records like a recent CBC, Lyme testing, 23andme genetic testing, and tests for autoimmunity. In the appointment, you’ll walk me through your medical history and symptoms, sharing what you’ve tried, what’s worked, what hasn’t worked, and what your short term and long term treatment goals are.  Our goal is to assemble best-fit options for your next treatment path.

Be ready to learn about novel treatments, healing modalities, and new practitioner ideas. You’ll get leads on helpful remedies to run by your doctor. You’ll deepen your understanding by using the links I’ll send in an email after the appointment.

It’s critical to educate yourself on the concepts and treatments we discuss. I make it easy for you by providing links to educational materials. In fact, committing to educating yourself makes your chances of successful treatment even higher, and it opens up treatment options.

Based on your symptoms, we’ll also consider conditions that most doctors do not know how to diagnose, usually because the solution is natural, not pharmaceutical, and we can generate leads for doctors who do know how to diagnose and treat these symptoms.

Whether you’re looking for practitioners to complement your main doctor or to switch your main doctor, I’ll do a custom practitioner search based on criteria that are most important to you. I’ll follow up with a decision matrix where we rank-order the criteria as applied to various treatment avenues, from naturopaths, to traditional MDs, to travel medicine, to DIY treatments. Within a few days of our call, you’ll receive a prioritized practitioner lead list.

My resource list is huge. If you are looking for someone to help with medical billing, mold eradication, need disability attorney leads, are considering medical tourism, or almost anything else, I’ve got you covered, and we can match you with the best-fit resources for your situation. Since a first appointment is to get acquainted, follow-up appointments can take us deeper into various topics.

Herx Hotline

For established clients only. Sometimes you need to brainstorm what your symptoms mean, and you don’t have a scheduled appointment.

This is where the Herx Hotline comes in. You get a free 15 minute Herx Hotline call with every first appointment, or you can buy a package of up to five Herx Hotline calls. The Herx Hotline is a way to have a short, unscheduled call when you need it most.

In the call we’ll try to distinguish between die-off, a common reaction to treatment known as a “herx,” or a flare-up, a progression of an underlying condition.

We’ll also try to determine which detox pathways might be most affected and generate a list of potential remedies to run by your doctor, so you can start feeling better sooner rather than later.
If your condition seems more serious than brainstorming the normal symptoms of treatment, I will refer you to Urgent Care or encourage you to make an appointment with your doctor.

Follow-Up Phone Consult

Follow-up appointments are different for everyone.

A typical follow-up appointment involves going over the list of practitioner leads generated in your first appointment, and together calling the offices to check on the healing tools they have, their specialities, pricing, whether they take insurance, and if there is a waiting list.

Follow up appointments can meet any need you have, such as:

  • Deciding among the treatment choices generated in the first consult
  • Generating ideas to get extra income to pay for your treatment
  • Determining who your Advocates and Releasers are, and how they will help you gain social acceptance
  • Working with your child’s school and other professionals who don’t understand chronic illness
  • Talking about how chronic illness affects your life and generating solutions
  • Getting insurance to cover your treatment
  • Finding housing for a clinic away from home
  • Locating a hard-to-find supplement
  • Greening your medicine cabinet

Custom Medical Research

Sometimes you’ll need customized medical research. Maybe you are diagnosed with an obscure condition and wondering which treatments are known to help. Or, maybe you need an evidence-based approach to a natural or novel remedy.

Relying on studies indexed on PubMed, Google Scholar, medical books & textbooks, medical conference materials, and proprietary databases, I will generate a customized research report. The report can be a simple list of evidence with links, or a comprehensive summary of the findings, depending on your needs and budget.

Doctor Visits

Sometimes you’ll want someone experienced to join you at a doctor appointment.

My services range from taking notes, to clarifying everything discussed with the doctor, to backing you up with questions to maximize the value of the visit. Think of me as your advocate as well, particularly if you need to be taken seriously by a doctor not familiar with chronic illness like yours.

If you need to make major medical decisions based on the doctor visit, we brainstorm together so you can come up with a comfortable outcome based on your circumstances.

Gift Consult

Half the inquiries I receive are from concerned friends and family members who want better options for their loved one who is suffering an ongoing illness.

A gift consultation is a great way to tell someone you care about them to support their recovery, without heaping unhelpful advice on them. Gift a consult just because someone needs it, or for a special occasion like a birthday or holiday.

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